my name is Conny Lehmann and I am a passionate artist. My motto is:  every day I work artistically is a happy day.

I'm painting with various media. Abstract painting is my greatest passion. I express myself with acrylic paints, various markers and oil pastels.

I also like to paint with watercolors and soft pastels.

But what I do practically every day is collaging, either as a warm-up prior to my painting sessions or when there's only little time to be creative.

I would like to share my knowledge with you. Therefore, I will offer to you further courses in the near future.


Abstract Painting Online Workshop  paint with me


Paint with me is a step-by-step guide in which you will get to know all of my painting secrets – the exact techniques and tools I use, and the ways I think about creating. You can easily apply the knowledge to your own painting process.


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Collage online workshop called Joy of Collage


In this course I offer 4 chapters, each with a different topic.


Chapter 1: intuitive collage

Chapter 2: shapes

Chapter 3: funny cityscapes with collage

Chapter 4: abstract landscapes with collage


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